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Stipes Radio features shows from hosts who talk about the things we like and how they make us feel. Founded in 2014 by Cristian, it started with a show about comptuers and being brown to now being so much more. We’re friends talking about the things we like. We hope you enjoy your stay, it’s a comfy listen.

Stipes Radio

is created by:

  • chosafine

in collaboration with:

  • staticsafe
  • ocdtrekkie
  • fidgetcetera
  • tcql
  • blackle
  • codemom

with special thanks to:

  • foxiepaws
  • daggertooth
  • artmom
  • dj sundog
  • C1T7
  • the rest of the squad

in loving memory of:

  • tipsytentacle¬†