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Better Everyday I: Care

Better Everyday I: Care
Better Everyday

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Better Everyday is a new 5 part miniseries from Stipes Radio, this is episode one. Our goal with this show is help folks who may be unaware of mental health resources be more aware and hopefully provide some insights and maybe a little faith for those looking to get started. This isn’t a cohesive guide, but it’s a start.

Show Notes:

Chapter one of Better Everyday: Care and when to disengage, how to engage, and exactly what is self care? Cristian and Shel talk that and more.

Content Warning: Self Harm, Mental Health, Food, discussions of Assault and Bigotry.


Disclaimer: We are speaking from our own experiences. We’ve both been through rough shit and sure, we don’t know your life or what you’ve been through, but we’re speaking from experiences of not exactly having had it easy ourselves. Your shit might be different but hopefully what we’ve learned from our experiences can apply to what you’re going through, or at least some of it will, and maybe you need to modify it to better fit your circumstances. That’s fine. You know you. Our goal above all else is just to convince you to try to make small efforts to improve your situation, whatever it may be, and to show from different angles how you might go about doing that, or how it might be possible.

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Better Everyday is produced by Shel Raphen and Cristian Colocho. It was recorded in West Massachusetts and Orlando, Florida. It was mixed and mastered by DJ technoticRaccoon. It is licensed under Creative Commons.