Pentagonal Episode 27: The Dark Mode Life

Pentagonal Episode 27: The Dark Mode Life

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Jake and Cristian talk about browser extensions, Chrome freezing, apps that access your email being able to access your email, ZTE sorta getting their sanctions lifted, the California Online Privacy Law, Supreme Court Rulings, Alexa being creepy, and creepy dudes getting what they deserve.

Content Warning: Politics, Doom and Gloom

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Stylish Extension Sending Visited Website Data To Remote Server
00:26:53 – Chrome Freezing Bug
00:34:32 – Gmail Apps Can In Fact Read Your Emails
00:41:07 – ZTE Sanctions lifted? Kinda? Maybe?
00:43:04 – California Online Privacy Law
00:44:54 – Supreme Court Rules That Location Searches Can’t Be Warrentless
00:51:28 – Alexa Is Being Creepy, Again
00:56:43 – Man Trying To Take Upskirt Photos With A Shoe Camera But It Blew Up