Valley Drag Episode 2: The One About Media And Stuff

Valley Drag Episode 2: The One About Media And Stuff
Valley Drag

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This week on Valley Drag, we try to drag centralized media services and federated media services. But honestly we just end up dragging ourselves.

Show Notes:

Why centralized social media sites can be good:

  • Information Source
  • Concretely, during Ferguson, twitter played a big part in letting people see what was happening.
  • #BLM
  • #ILookLikeAnEngineer
  • Essentially gives folks who may not be apart of a certain demographic a view into another part of the worlds culture.
  • Allows people share experiences, break up traditional media’s hold on publishing.
  • Unbundling of media content.

Reasons as to why they can be bad:

  • Bitter Brown Femmes episode where they have a bit talking about organizing online using facebook and twitter
    • Essentially that it’s horrible but because of how American education and such is, these centralized services are the only way a bunch of folks find out about their own ethnic and cultural history
  • Censorship of “controversial content” like videos by LGBT creators (but hatespeech is continually supported by both twitter and youtube).
    • Essentially whatever raises stock prices is what will be ultimately protected and prioritized.
  • Facebook, twitter, et al turning over information to law enforcement (using facebook to organize BLM, protest, resistance events is not safe).

Content Creation:

  • Getting paid for content creation is hard.
  • No good open source kit in a box easily deployable solutions for it.
  • Ethical ad markets
    • An ethical ad market would allow for people to still make money off of advertising while also respecting users privacy.

Open Source and Decentralized Alternatives:

Social Media:

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